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"Alexandra appeared as the heroine in my full length "Laramie, Equal Rights" and showed remarkable skill both as an actor and as a force that holds the play together. As an actor, she understood, expressed, and communicated to the audience the nuance of uncertainty, sometimes desperation, boldness, passion, and the other emotions her character lives through. She was also able to remember, not only her own lines, but the lines of the other characters and bring them back to script when they wandered. She's an amazing member of a cast."
Leonard D. Goodisman, Playwright  

“Working with an actor as intelligent, as imaginative, and as adaptable as Alexandra has been a joy over the last four years---- our work has unique challenges which she has worked hard to master.”

John Hudson, Artistic Director, Dark Lady Players

“Talented, fearless and well prepared, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler did a great job when she worked for me on New York Blood.”
Nick Oddo, Director, Fearless Films.  

“Alexandra Cohen Spiegler possesses the emotional maturity of an actress far beyond her years. She injects a great deal of life into a character, going beyond the page and to fully play her adjectives and connect with an audience, in a way that always feels authentic and natural. As a playwright, I was pleased with the way she made her own dramatic choices, while staying true to the script, and as a producer, I wouldn't hesitate working with Alexandra again.”
Mark Williams  

“Alexandra gives a strong and consistent performance. She has a good natural style, her characters can range from stern and serene to playfully coy, and she handles herself well with more traditional/classical material. She is very dependable, takes direction well, and commits 100% to the project.”
Eric Chase, Director

“Responsible, beautiful and bright Alexandra Cohen-Spiegler is an actress to work with and watch. A true chameleon, she can successfully portray the Bard’s leading players as well as the contemporary heroines of the stage. A "yes" performer who understands how important process, connection and risk is to the craft.”
Antonio Miñino, Fab Marquee Productions

"Alex is a joy to work with — always on, and always ready to get to the work."
Robert A. K. Gonyo, director & Artistic Director of Co-Op Theatre East

“Alex took on a bare-bones sketch of a part in my new play and, over the course of several weeks, fleshed out the character of a young girl, both innocent and naive, from 17th Century London town and found - within the storyline - the realization of her power over men (and women) if she were to use her assets (and her charms) as would a contemporary 20th Century woman... but all while staying within the boundaries of British Restoration Comedy style in all manner of speech, movement, motivation and Historical context. Alexandra Cohen-Spiegler created the role of "Miss Gwendolyn Would-Have-It-So" in "Any Which Way Thou Wouldst Have It!" and set the standard by which others will have to approach this part. Truly a professional in every sense of that word.”
George Rady, playwright

“An actress who is always prepared, always open for new ideas and approaches and truly fearless when it comes to challenges and new roles, Alexandra Cohen Spiegler is and has always been dependable, solid and exceptionally talented professional actress. She first played a very physically challenging role the first time we cast her. Many actresses auditioned but she was at the top of the list. In her second role she played an office worker with a very embarrassing physical condition of an embarrassing nature. With lots and lots of physical comedy and great facial expressions Alex was the core of the comedic sketch she starred in. I look forward to working with her again and whole heartedly recommend her to any casting director or producer. Alexandra Cohen Spiegler delivers every time.”
Addison LeMay, Producer, So Damn Funny Show